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Lammo Limited is the only company within the UK who own & operate Jimmy Jibs, Grip Factory Munich superb GF-9 & Multi-Jib, Towercam, Floatcam Dolly Cranes, PeePod Remote Heads, Flyline CableCam & HD Polecam systems.

As a company, we strive to provide our clients with an unbiased opinion on what we believe will be the best solution to suit their particular needs.

We are proud that we have become a one-stop shop for many Facilities & Production companies alike. One phone call and we use our knowledge and experience to determine your needs. We will take the responsibility of providing the correct equipment for your shoot, no matter how large or small.

Advice is free even if we end up recommending an option which we don't supply!




The Green Monster

The Green Monster is based on a 4wd John Deere Gator off-road utility vehicle. It’s primary use is to offer the client an opportunity to move the GF-9 & Jimmy Jib around a site without the need for constant rigging & derigging. 

Developed for the extreme lengths that some of our clients need to take our cranes. It is perfect for rough ground where the moving of a jib can be hazardous..

The Green Monster is the ultimate repositioning tool for both the Jimmy Jib & GF-9. Rough ground, sand, mud & hills are no problem, this beast of a machine will go anywhere affording you far more jib shots around any location yet is still kind to the ground it is moving over.

The Green Monster can accept Jibs built to approx 24ft in length & still maintain a good lens height.