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Lammo Limited is the only company within the UK who own & operate Jimmy Jibs, Grip Factory Munich superb GF-9 & Multi-Jib, Towercam, Floatcam Dolly Cranes, PeePod Remote Heads, Flyline CableCam & HD Polecam systems.

As a company, we strive to provide our clients with an unbiased opinion on what we believe will be the best solution to suit their particular needs.

We are proud that we have become a one-stop shop for many Facilities & Production companies alike. One phone call and we use our knowledge and experience to determine your needs. We will take the responsibility of providing the correct equipment for your shoot, no matter how large or small.

Advice is free even if we end up recommending an option which we don't supply!




PeePod 500 Remote Hotheads

© Joe Carini

Lammo Ltd now own two A&C PeePod systems.

Head 1 was bought to complement our Towercam. It is mounted in the 'Post' format which reflects the narrow profile which we need when we are trying to hide the Towercam on sets & stages etc.

Head 2 was bought to mount on one of our Jimmy Jibs. This is the wider chassis & is mounted with a custom Mitchell mount.

As both heads are manufactured as standalone hotheads they can be mounted on our 4 way levellers & used in lighting rigs & scaffolding etc.

We have two different control options available. Both have desks which allow zoom & focus on Canon & Fuji lenses combined with a joystick controller which controls Pan & Tilt. We also have hand crank wheels if the DOP/Camera Operator prefers.

Able to take a load of 27kg, we have both a regular digital video drop box which is used to control broadcast lenses & the film dropbox which offers power (12/24v) for cameras & focus/iris/zoom motors.

Described by A&C as 'a system that performs like a mouse on steroids', both heads are available either with one of our Hothead Camera Operators or if you have a cameraman you want to use they are available with an assistant.

Lammo & Greg Blanchfield rigging the Peepod 500 & Towercam the Palace of Westminster for the Queens Jubilee celebrations.


Mo-Sys B20 Remote Hotheads

We have now added two Mo-Sys B20 remote heads to our kit list.

The B20 is a superb head for both regular hothead work or for mounting on a jib, Towercam etc.

At present we have been using them on the RDF production, Tipping Point & are very impressed. We had one in the lighting rig & one on a Jimmy Jib.

Mo-Sys are a very forward thinking company & we look forward to working with them on many other projects including their brilliant AR/VR system, StarTracker.

Mo-Sys B20 set up for Tipping Point

Mo-Sys B20 set up for Tipping Point