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Lammo Limited are the only company within the UK who own & operate Jimmy Jibs, Grip Factory GF-9 (& Multi-Jib), Towercam, Floatcam Dolly Crane HD, PeePod Remote Heads & HD Polecam systems. This means that as a company we can provide you with an unbiased opinion on what we believe will be the best solution to suit your particular needs.

Our equipment list includes five Jimmy Jib Triangles, two Jimmy Jib Lites, a GF-9, GF Multi Jib, two Floatcam Dolly Crane Hd's & two Polecam systems with experienced crews. We also have a superb go-anywhere John Deere Gator specifically converted to move around location quickly & able to accept our Jimmy Jibs or GF-9 up to 24ft!

Lammo Ltd are fast becoming a one stop shop for many Facilities & Production companies alike. One phone call and we use our knowledge and experience to determine your needs. We will take the responsibilty of providing the correct equipment for your shoot, no matter how large or small.

Yellow ringed snake getting to know the Polecam intimately!

HD Polecam

The Polecam is a unique, single operator broadcast quality HD camera crane. 

Designed specifically to be lightweight and very transportable, quick to rig and operating from either battery or AC supply.

It mounts on a tripod and dolly or via the supplied body harness for complete mobility. Polecam gives you smooth, floating crane shots, raising the production values of any programme. The small profile head permits unique and new angles that would be hard to get any other way.

Options available include Nanoflash HD recorder, Fish Face underwater housing & a racks system for the engineers or DOP.

Using Fishface & the unique Bosher levelling system at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

Using Fishface & the unique Bosher levelling system at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.


Introducing Fishface, a completely submersible camera housing and Pan & Tilt unit with full 360 degree pan capability with unrestricted movement.

Live transmission air-water-air shots are easily realised making this housing ideal for unique shots especially for Sports and Natural History.

The FishFace head can be used on Polecam at it's maximum length which gives you a reach of 20 feet (6 metres) when using the standard five sections of carbon fibre. To overcome the problem of buoyancy the carbon fibre poles supplied with FishFace have been drilled with holes to allow water to flood in and out easily.

Live transition air-water-air shots are easily realised with FishFace and our operators can easily create truly unique shots.


The Bosher Levelling Head is a bespoke tripod head levelling system built for Polecam owner operators, engineered to the highest levels by film and broadcast industry-acclaimed Les & Chris Bosher.

The precise engineering of the Bosher Head provides outstanding performance, the fine friction adjustments allowing the operator to fine tune the rig’s movement precisely.

The Polecam pan & tilt head is re-attached to the front of the rig by a bespoke quick release clamp and is levelled by a simple cable. This maintains a level horizon during even the quickest moves, and enhances stability in windy conditions and also when using the Polecam head underwater via the FishFace system.

We have been operating Polecam for 16 years & we believe that this is the best mod yet. It makes the rig so much more stable & gets away from the frustrating 'pendulum' effect which can blight a stock system. Upside is stability, downside is it takes a little longer to rig (not a deal breaker!).

Used by Lammo Ltd for the first time on the swimming at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow it felt like a breath of fresh air. It allowed Lammo to achieve shots jibbing across the top of the water & then 'dunking' the Fishface underwater for the swimmers turns. Before the Bosher system this was almost impossible with the head swaying & bobbing with the water movement. Money well spent...