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Lammo Limited is the only company within the UK who own & operate Jimmy Jibs, Grip Factory Munich superb GF-9 & Multi-Jib, Towercam, Floatcam Dolly Cranes, PeePod Remote Heads, Flyline CableCam & HD Polecam systems.

As a company, we strive to provide our clients with an unbiased opinion on what we believe will be the best solution to suit their particular needs.

We are proud that we have become a one-stop shop for many Facilities & Production companies alike. One phone call and we use our knowledge and experience to determine your needs. We will take the responsibility of providing the correct equipment for your shoot, no matter how large or small.

Advice is free even if we end up recommending an option which we don't supply!




GFM GF-9 Camera Crane

Lammo Ltd are proud to announce the arrival of our Grip Factory Munich GF-9 Camera Crane.

The GF-9 has been brought in to work alongside & to complement our Jimmy Jibs. It is capable to take heavier cameras & doesn't suffer the same 'bouncing' effect which can happen under certain conditions, at certain lengths & with fully loaded cameras that the Jimmy Jib can sometimes suffer with.

It can be used with our new double sided head along with Stanton electronics as a single operator crane (ala Jimmy Jib) or it can be used with one of our PeePod 500's.

With the PeePod we can offer control to the DOP/Remote Head Operator via the joystick driven desk or using A&C's super smooth crank wheels. When used in this configuration we offer a purpose made completely blacked out pop up shelter & a monitor set-up inc a 17" HD-SDI viewfinder monitor.

We also own our own JeliBox which can be used either in a live situation or on location. In the live environment cue lights & Director/Engineering talkback are fed from the OB unit & a PL ring can be set-up for Op/Assistants/Grip to communicate with each other without disturbing anybody in the truck. It can also act as a standalone PL talkback ring on location inc Drama, Documentaries etc where the DOP/Head Op can offer direction to the grips/assistants whilst achieving the shots required. The ring can currently cater for one operator & three remote talkback packs. If required more TekPro packs can be hired in to extend the PL ring.

For more details about the GF-9 please check out: